First post of 2012

In an effort to write more and document my journey to becoming less chaotic and more organised, here I am writing my first post of the year.

It’s almost 1am and I am in the middle of redoing a quote for a client after they have sent me a more detailed scope of work – which, frankly, doesn’t have too much more information than when I did the last quote.

Now, I’m writing on my blog because my train of thought was interrupted by the urge to write about being disorganised and the desire for more order in my day-to-day.

I gave in to the urge since what better time is there to write than the moment of inspiration?

In the coming weeks I hope this blog takes shape both in form and function. The topics and categories for the posts will take shape as I write more and more, plus I am yet to decide which theme I’d like to use until such time I can have my own custom-designed blog. I should make the most of having a design and web agency startup at my fingertips.

Meanwhile, that’s the cue to get back to work.


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