Rediscovering the world wide web … and justifying the time I spend surfing it

I find myself wasting time on Facebook on a daily basis. When I say waste time, I mean I spend maybe 20 minutes up to an hour in a day on my Facebook page, reading updates, playing Words with Friends and checking out friends’ photos. As much as I think it’s great because it’s sometimes the only way I know what’s going on with friends I rarely see, it IS a waste of time because it is not something I need to do.

BUT … I recently discovered Pinterest and absolutely love it!

The past couple nights I’ve been browsing its pages, and tonight I joined and was able to pin on my own board or repin other things I liked. Not only that, unlike Hansel and Gretel, the breadcrumbs take me on a wonderful journey of discovery  to other wonderful sites that I find interesting. In the interest of saving time, I’ve been bookmarking these sites for visiting later, when I have time to read leisurely.

Which brings me to the big question: how do I make room for this when I already find it hard to make time for all the things I actually need to be doing?

Then I realised that if I’m supposed to be a professional of the digital kind, then I need to be making time for these things. The same can be said for  my blogging. Not only does it fuel my creativity, it’s also good for my professional development, of course!

After all, if part of my work includes knowing what’s going on on the web, then I should be exploring these kinds of sites, especially sites that are nicely designed like Pinterest and have millions of members. Right? Right!

In all seriousness, I COULD have the time for this type of fun yet educational net surfing if I was organised.

At least this is one more compelling reason to add to my exhaustive list of why I need to become super organised.


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