Desperately seeking order

Do you think I need help getting organised?

The end of 2011 was a mad rush as work got busier than anticipated (which is a great thing) while I prepared to go overseas early in December for the holiday season.

For five weeks I didn’t have to cook, clean or do chores around the house, although I did have to work a few days with a couple of deadlines. But, I was able to forget that the home I temporarily left was in a shambles and my desk looked the way it does in the photograph.

A week after our return home, I finally got around to clearing my desk and getting it back to some semblance of order.

Right this minute, I’m happy to say I am typing away with my laptop ON my desk. But my work of organising and decluttering is very far from over. And I’m just talking about my desk!

I now have a basket of client files to organise, a basket of electronic gadgets and tools to put away, and a whole basket of paperwork to sort through with heaps of unopened mail and lots of outdated statements etc. that need shredding. I even bought a shredder yesterday to do the job. This means I can also sort through boxes of paperwork I’ve accumulated over the years – 11 years worth, finally!

It seems an insurmountable task, but living in a two-bedroom flat means I’ve run out of space. And since moving into this place 11 years ago, I’ve got married, had a child and started a business with my husband and siblings, so it’s now a home office, too.

Going back to my desk, one of the pros about working from home is that I can keep my desk any way I want. But the cons, I’ve found, is that all sorts of things from my personal life find their way to my desk; my son’s toys and drawings, the groceries, plates and cutlery from lunch or dinner, clothes, shoes, you name it. So keeping it the way I want is harder to do!

When I worked at an office, my desk was always neat and tidy. And when it comes to work, I was always organised. I still am, since the stakes are higher when you’re one of the owners. But a tidy desk? That needs a lot work right now.

Work is work but my home is a different story. And that’s what I’m prioritising this year … starting with my desk.


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