Failure is part of success

I read somewhere that success comes after some failures, and sometimes, a lot of it. I just don’t remember whether a higher number of failures increase the magnitude of the success that comes after. If it does, then I’m up for some major successes in my life!

Nobody’s life is perfect and although I have a lot to be grateful for, my life is definitely far from the perfection I have in my mind of how it could be.

The first step to correcting the situation is organisation.

How organised I can be affects every aspect of my life. Not only in balancing a career/business and a family but also in finding personal fulfilment in the little things that I like doing that make me happy. I am beginning to realise more and more just how important being organised is in allowing me to do the things I love that I never have time for. It’s so simple and logical that I feel silly for only really realising this now.

Just take writing on this blog. Here I am again writing it at almost 3am when I should be sleeping. But life has been so disorganised during the day that I can’t help but stay up late to make time for some things I really want to do, like blog. Or spend time teaching my son fun creative things. Or spend more time with friends.

I currently have three distinct goals in my life: establish financial stability, explore the creativity I can feel busting to be expressed somehow, and spend more time with my son before he starts kindergarten next year.

Organisation is the key to reaching these goals and I need to stop thinking about how I’ve failed with every attempt in the last four years since becoming a wife and mum.

Incidentally, I have a new found respect for all the ordinary mums like me, who areΒ out there raising their kids and able to find success outside family life. One day soon I hope to join your rank.

For now, I must first acknowledge one of my little successes and prop up my self confidence:Β I’ve been writing in this blog for a week and I haven’t slacked off. Yay!


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