Slacking off after acknowledging not slacking off

Instead of getting disheartened by the fact that I slacked off in terms of writing in this blog regularly, I’m going to forge on.

I have so many journals, notebooks and diaries that I’ve written in, but the entries only last the first few pages, and the rest are blank. I’ve also attempted a few blogs, three or four of them I think, only to write a few entries as well.

This one is not going to be one of them. This one will have an a post entry once a week at the very least. That’s my goal.

In fairness to me, my excuse for not having written in the last five days is valid – more work and socialising than my average week.

I’m going to make it easier for me not to forget to write in this blog by getting into the habit of logging in and keeping the window open. WordPress will join the ranks of Gmail, Facebook and Pinterest as the sites I visit daily.

I think that’s a good start.


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