Too many posts, too little time

Everywhere I look there’s a blog post to write about.

Sometimes it’s about people, other times it’s about food. Then there are conversations with my son who’ll be four years old in 10 days. Where did the time go?

This week’s life theme has been about old friends. The kind you’ve had for a long time, like, almost two decades long.

Seeing very old, precious friends this week, some of whom I haven’t seen for months and others years, made me think about the value of friends that you’ve grown up with. You know, the ones who’ve known you since you were kids and knew you as you’ve gone through every single life phase so far…

And then there’s that point blank question of my son about how exactly Daddy got his ‘seed’ in my belly so that he came about. I certainly didn’t want to explain the anatomical intricacies of intercourse with a 3-year-old over dinner! But the incident alone makes for a great blog post. Mainly for posterity and to preserve memories of my amusing conversations with him.

These conversations almost warrant a blog of its own I think.

Oh, and when I bake, I want to write about it. Especially when it turns out freakin’ deliciously awesome!

Then, there are my musings on the world, mostly inspired by conversations with my husband who devours all things social, economic and political online. How do we fix the entire world so that everyone on earth is happy and we have many years to enjoy a healthy, thriving earth?

I’m beginning to think I should just start writing these damn blog posts instead of writing about writing these posts.

Now there’s an idea.


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