Can you tell if you’re pregnant before you confirm it?

I think I may be pregnant.

I’m a bit “late” and I’m expecting it any any day now. But I don’t have the usual tell-tale signs such as a humongous bulbous zit on my chin, which is about the only sign I get.

Except maybe for the cravings of salty things like potato chips or junk food like McDonald’s. I don’t crave these EVER unless I’m ovulating! Wonder why …

I think people have generally lost touch with our own instinct and we get so much conflicting information these days that we stopped trusting it.

I’ve read about women who ‘just knew’ they were pregnant. I suppose it’s easy if you’re cycle is always regular. Also, if you’re nauseous  and can’t keep anything down but you don’t have the flu or food poisoning, I’d say that’s a pretty good indicator.

I wonder how many women these days can tell they’re pregnant just from feeling what their body is telling them?

During my first and only pregnancy, I had no signs other than the fact I was so tired all the time.

Initially I thought I was just taking a while to get over jetlag, having recently flown from the UK to Australia. Then when I couldn’t shake it, I thought I had glandular fever.

Then one evening I decided to go for a run and after the first minute of intense running, I had chest pains and felt like I was going to die. I thought I was just really, really pathetically unfit.

Little did I know was pregnant and by the time I did a test I was 8 or 9 weeks along.

It may seem odd that I didn’t think to take a test 5 or 6 weeks after my last period, but my cycle has always been irregular and the most regular it’s ever been was 6-8 weeks. So I don’t usually worry until about the ninth to tenth week.

My pregnancy was so uneventful that I didn’t feel pregnant until my belly started growing beyond the pot-belly size it can get after a huge meal. I had no nausea or food cavings and aversions.

Although at the 15-16 week mark, I felt the first faint movements of the baby. But these were so seldom in the beginning that most of the time I just felt ‘unpregnant’.

So now, I wonder if I could be pregnant. Sometimes I feel like there’s something in my belly that vaguely reminds me of when I was pregnant.

It could just be wishful thinking. My son just turned 4 and I always wanted to have another one when he got to this age.

Although it’s not the ideal time to have another child for lots of reasons, financial or otherwise, I know I’d be over the moon if I am. If I’m not, I will be quite relieved but I know I’d also be disappointed.

But you know, a little girl would be awesome.



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