Let the sunshine in!

I’ll be joining my plants on our balcony to enjoy some Aussie sun.

So we got used to the news of the pregnancy pretty quickly.

Shock, surprise and disbelief were quickly replaced by excitement. Unplanned or not, news of another baby is happy news!

So off to our family doctor we went and he ordered some blood work to check on everything as well as to find out how far along I might be.

They took 10 vials of blood and the only result I found out from all that is; A) I’m at least 6 weeks pregnant, probably more. I have to schedule a dating scan to find out for sure.

And B) I’m super low on vitamin D. So low, that I have to take two vitamin D pills a day on top of my prenatal vitamins.

I asked whether sitting in the sun would help and apparently I’m so low in Vitamin D that it wouldn’t be enough. If I had borderline levels, yup, no problem. Some sun baking in the morning for 15 minutes would have been fine.

So now I’m taking the pills but I’m also sitting in the sun for a few minutes, just to make sure. Needing sun is a great excuse to sit on our balcony and enjoy my breakfast out in the sunshine. And my son keeps me company while he looks at our little garden of pot plants.

In case you were wondering why vitamin D is important in pregnancy, it’s because it helps our bodies absorb calcium. And calcium, as most people are aware, help us grow strong bones and teeth. Since the baby is still forming and developing in the womb, it’s crucial that it gets all the vitamins it needs for proper growth.


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