Fatigue is taking its toll

The whole point of starting this blog was to document my journey to becoming organised and kickstarting my life after having it derailed a little bit – in the most wonderful way – by having a child four years ago.

Now I’m in danger of becoming derailed in the same way again. I’m only eight weeks along and all I want to do is sleep.

This is not good for someone trying to get their act together and declutter the home and get organised and start writing professionally again.

It’s already been over two weeks since I last wrote an entry and if I let more time pass I’ll lose what little momentum I have.

I’ve had to change my writing schedule. Instead of doing it at night before going to sleep, I now need to do it while having my morning coffee.

This way I’m guaranteed not to fall asleep next to my cuddly sleeping son, because at this moment he is wreaking havoc somewhere in the living room … I can hear him having fun.


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