A new life begins

Less than a month ago I decided to experiment with whether I can grow a mango plant from the seeds of mangoes we ate. I extracted the seed from its casing and planted it in a pot. I made sure not to let the soil dry out, even making it quite wet.
To be honest, I didn’t have high hopes but when I was watering my plants a couple of days ago, I had a closer look and there it was!
My surprise mango seedling

I was utterly amazed to see a mango seedling had sprouted! And so soon too.

I have no idea when the little seedling peeked through the soil but that would have been cool to see. With how big it is, it’s at least a week old, maybe?
I’m not sure how fast the plant will grow but when it’s big enough I’m going to plant it in my parents’ backyard.
So exciting!
I bet most of my friends wouldn’t have picked me for a keen gardener. Actually, I’ve never really had a garden so in my case, it’s more like buying pot plants and trying to keep them alive hehe.
I used to have lots of plants die because I was never diligent enough to water them. So they suffered, especially during an Australian summer.
A couple of years ago I bought a potted Christmas tree because I hate the idea of trees being grown only to be felled for Christmas. But I prefer fresh trees over the synthetic ones. And I had the romantic notion that our Christmas tree would grow with my own children.
Well, we went overseas one December and had no one who could diligently water my plants, so I came home to an almost dead tree. It never recovered and it eventually just died.
I also successfully got an avocado seedling to grow, and I saw it peek through the week I found out I was pregnant with Audrey. That plant was also going to grow with Audrey. It was her tree. But alas, I failed in keeping it alive.
Now I have this obsession with growing edible plants. And I’ve been experimenting with growing plants from produce I got from the grocery store.
I’m definitely getting better at it. I’ve even managed to bring my sage plant back to life with a little plant vitamins.
My sage plant has finally come back to life.
I’ll take that as a metaphor for my own writing life. The urge to write has just been growing over the years, and now I just need an outlet. I’m bringing back to life the writer within me.
This is where I’m going to start… writing about my gardening escapades haha.

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