Hey there, 2017

Gotta start the year with a 2017 Snapchat filter πŸ˜‚

Happy new year! Hopefully your celebrations were epic and the hangovers were painless … or at least, not so painful.

The New Year’s Eve celebrations were subdued this year. JBoss wanted to take the kids to watch the fireworks again, like last year, just up at Dover Heights. Unfortunately, I took so long to get my act together that tickets sold out before I could get ours.

The most painless alternative was going into the office which is at a prime location practically under the Harbour Bridge. We would have the comforts of a house and watch the light spectacular without having to brave the crowds in the streets.

Although we had every intention to take the kids into town, our plans were foiled when Mister 8 almost broke Miss 3’s wrist while jumping around trying to have a race on the bed towards me. Despite all the tears, from both of them, luckily she didn’t need a trip to the emergency ward. That would have been the absolute worst for me.

In a way, I was kind of relieved we stayed home instead. We had homemade pizza for dinner and just relaxed. We watched the 9pm fireworks on TV in the comfort of the couch in front of the fan. When I saw on the news that more than a million people went to watch the fireworks, I was definitely glad we were home and not out there.

The first day of 2017 was nice and relaxed. We took the kids to the movies to watch Sing. A couple of hiccups along the way is the fact that Miss 3 made Mister 8’s nose bleed, twice. The first time because she punched him on the nose while he sat on the couch, minding his own business. The second time was when she headbutted him in the car just before the movie. Did I mention she’s a little 3-year-old girl? And she made her big brother cry, both times.

Her: (proudly and almost showing off) I don’t cry when I get a bloody nose.

Me: Yes, that’s because you get a bloody nose from picking it, not because someone punched you on the nose or headbutted you.

She was quite challenging today due to the lack of sleep. She wanted to nap but every time I tried to get her to nap she just had a hard time. By 7pm she was wired and I was almost just going to skip dinner because she was so strung out. She had a major tantrum for about half an hour, screaming and crying. When I told her I was just going to leave she would ask me to stay and when I tried to hold her she would run away. Then I would make ways to leave and she would scream louder and want me to get her and then she would run away again, and so on and on it went. For so many times!

When she finally let me get her, we went on the bed and she asked me to scratch her back, then when I went to do it she would move away. So I would go back to my iphone. Then she would scream and say she wants me to scratch her back. And I would go to do it and she would pull away again, because I am being mean *sigh* This went on several times, and I even started asking her to tell me how not to be mean.

Anyway, in the end I finally had her settled, she let me hold her and cuddle her. And after about 10 seconds of silence where I thought she was finally falling asleep, she spoke.

“Mama, do dogs eat their own poop?”

What th? After more than a half hour of screaming and crying, THIS is the first thing that comes to mind?!

I was glad it was finally over though! I’m not too happy I lost my patience and yelled at a 3-year-old several times, but I’m happy that I was able to get my shit together and find some patience in the end.

These are some of the parenting challenges awaiting me in 2017. And with so many big changes on the world stage — Brexit and Trump and our current shit government, for example — I’m curious what 2017 will bring.

I hope pleasant surprises and not the demise I am expecting to happen under a Trump presidency!

Happy 2017!


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