Sketching people

I’ve always enjoyed drawing, painting, and making art in general. I wasn’t too bad. When I was a teenager I used to draw all the time and I would draw people from magazines.

I did this charcoal drawing of a close-up photo of George Michael, when I was obsessed with his listen Without Prejudice album. I was 15 and had Freedom on loop on my CD player. I remember getting inspired to draw him when I saw the photo, then feeling a great urge to get it down on paper. It took me no more than half an hour to finish and I think the drawing turned out pretty good. It was blu-tacked on my wall for years.

I wish I still had it, in light of his death, ironically this Christmas Day just passed. When we first moved to Sydney, my parents bought us an electric keyboard and one of the demo songs was Last Christmas, so I think that song is forever ingrained in my psyche.

Anyway, back to drawing. I thought I was a better than average sketch artist compared to the kids in school. But I was the “smart” one in the family, not the “artistic” one, so I focused on my academic side. And when I left high school I stopped doing it.

My mother thinks I stopped drawing because I saw that my brother and sister, both of whom are younger, were much better at it. Thanks, Mum. And don’t even get me started onΒ how my family defining me this way has completely changed the trajectory of my life – I could write a whole book on that!

Fast forward more than 20 years later and here I am feeling the same creative urges tugging at my soul. So now, despite being a person whose time is no longer my own — I’m married with two kids — I just had to make the time for it.

Last year I started, and managed to get around 10 ink sketches done, then got too busy when my little one started school. So this year I am trying again.

I figured if I am constantly getting the urge to draw, then I really should listen so that flicker of inspiration doesn’t fly off to someone else.

sketch1So here’s my first drawing for 2017… it’s unfinished because I got the urge to draw it at 2am in the morning. And instead of using my ink pens, I decided to use watercolour pencils, because I want to see whether I can do watercolour. Though using pencils feel like cheating!

But the most important thing is that I drew something!






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