Fumbling my way through blogging

So all I know is that I need a creative outlet, … or five. As a writer, writing needs to be one of them.

I started this blog again just so I can have exactly that, but I don’t really know how to go about it. I mean, I know, rationally, what things need to be done to start a blog and what topics to write about. And that I need some kind of editorial plan or schedule in order to publish posts on a regular basis.

The thing I feel a little psychologically clueless about is just how blogging is going to fit into my life.

The thing I feel a little psychologically clueless about is just how blogging is going to fit into my life.

As it is, there is family. My hands are already quite full with an energetic eight-year-old boy and a highly demanding, sleep-deprived three-year-old girl who is going through an adjustment period after dropping her naps.

Not to mention I’m married to an intense man who is intellectually demanding and requires me to keep up with discussions about politics, economics and the philosophical and ethical challenges that our world is saddled with today.

I’m already tired just thinking about my life with these three! LOL And I haven’t even mentioned work, extended family, my social life and my hobbies.

So yeah. When,… and how, am I going to fit in writing a blog?


It feels a little overwhelming, like my thoughts are all trying to escape from my brain before I have a chance to anchor them down.

So far, I’m just going with my gut feelings.

When I get the urge to write, if it’s physically possible, then I would write.

I’m currently typing this post in haste because my daughter’s just finished having her dinner and is having her 10 minutes of TV before we get ready for bed. But with time pressure I don’t think I’m getting everything down I wanted to say about this.

And that’s another thing! Sometimes I just really need to take my time to get my thoughts in order so I can write something meaningful, and not just publish another brain fart.

I have a masters degree in journalism and would really love to write articles that are thought out and well researched. For now, however, that’s on my wish list.

Until I have an editorial schedule, I’m going to have to make do with stealing a few moments to put my thoughts down and share whatever I can. Hopefully, someone can still understand what I’m getting at.

It would be nice to know I’m not the only one who is this tortured about writing!



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