Picking up where I left off

Challenges are never ending and they come at a time most inconvenient. That seems to be how my life goes.

I mean I was on a roll with all my creative projects and feeling very positive about how 2017 was looking in terms of what I was going to finally accomplish creatively and professionally. Then BAM!


So I am 14.5 weeks along and at 41 years old, I am really feeling the tiredness. I’m still lucky though because this is as difficult as my pregnancies ever get. I don’t experience nausea, food aversions (though I can only have half a cup of coffee these days because I start getting heart palpitations!) or terrible food cravings. In fact, I never feel pregnant until I have a big belly.

Anyway, this tiredness usually subsides once you get into the second trimester, but I am still waiting.

I’ve been doing the bare minimum of housework and our place is a mess. I cannot wait for that surge of energy to come back so I can clean this whole place up and start painting again.

Yes, even painting has taken a backseat to passing out on the couch after lunch.

The good news is that I have come to accept that the next three years of my life will be mostly tied to a baby, again. And I know that until the baby comes, I have the next four or five months to stillΒ do things I wanted to do – minus being at work full time.

It seems every time I start looking for full time work in my old industry of publishing, I get knocked up. That’s twice already.

I know nobody is willing to hire a pregnant lady who will need to take time off in six months. That just sucks. It is during these times that I realise how family-unfriendly the workforce is.

As a writer, I can at least keep up with writing, in many ways, outside of the professional realm.

I’m just glad that after two months I managed to get a post in here! Maybe the tiredness is finally abating? I can only hope.

Oh, once we found out the baby is healthy with no abnormalities and that we’re having a boy, all my anxieties went away! I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face that day we found out.

Now we just need to agree on a name!





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