Midway through 2017 already

So it’s the first day of June, the final month in the first half of this year. So 2017 is half done.

Earlier in January I anticipated having a busy year with personal creative endeavours and professional projects. By now I had expected to be back in the workforce full time again, to have completed 12-15 watercolour portraits for my painting project and a couple of other projects online.

What I have, instead, is a playroom that looks like a bunch of hurricanes came through and had a wild party; backed up dirty laundry that would take days to wash, dry, fold and put away; kitchen cupboards in disarray; and a family bedroom inundated by books that were not put back on the shelves and clothes all over the bed and floor and laundry baskets — and I have a feeling that clean and dirty have mixed. To top it all of, a few of my pot plants died from negligent gardening.

After pretty much sleeping through the first trimester, I have energy once more and feel like I can finally start up on my projects again. Β The nesting instinct is also kicking into high gear … probably because of the state my house is in.

Now, I’m not OCD at all about cleanliness, tidiness and organisation (though a part of me wishes I am!) but I just cannot engage in any creative work with my environment like this!

So I’ve decided June is cleanup month.

Every day this month, a part of the house, big or small, will be cleaned and decluttered. The goal is to have a tidy, organised and uncluttered home by July.

Not sure about doing up a plan or schedule because in the past it just hasn’t worked for me as it becomes a procrastination tool. So I’ll probably just go with my instinct and start somewhere, anywhere at all, and just tidy up and clean.

One thing is for sure – getting something done, even if it’s a small thing, will make me feel good about the whole endeavour and help me gain traction and momentum.


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