It baffles me how much I love the idea of being the most organised person in the world to the point of being obsessive compulsive about it, yet, my real life is an absolute chaos.

This blog is a perfect example … I believe the first entry was sometime in 2010, when I intended to start writing a blog regularly. Then my disorganised life got in the way … and before I knew it, it was a month before Christmas 2011.

It was past 2am, I had a training session with a client in less than 12 hours on a content management system I sort of knew on a website that we’ve almost finished. My then 3-year-old son had just called out in his sleep and I don’t know whether he woke up but luckily his dad was in there with him.

I should’ve really gone to sleep then but, on Β a whim, I decided to write this ‘About’ part of my personal blog that I had hoped would be updated more regularly … to document my struggle and journey towards becoming the super organised person I knew myself to be, at the very least.


(Written in Dec 2011)

So who is this control freak busting to get out?

Well, I’m theΒ mother of a wonderfully precocious 3-year-old boy and wife of an extremely complex and intriguing American man. I’m also the first-born of two complete opposites who have managed to stay compatible and the big sister of two super-creative and talented siblings who drive me nuts on a regular basis.

In a previous life I earned my living as a writer and grammar nazi for magazines yet despite a background in psychology and journalism, I remained a tormented writer.

In the years since becoming a wife and mother, Β the need to write became undeniable. So, as tormented as I may be, the words must come out one way or another. And here they are.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to read them.

Update: I’ve decided to continue this blog, only now, it’s just before Christmas 2016, and my three-year-old boy is now eight and has a feisty younger sister who is three.

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